Sonoma Cake - Liquid Resin 510 Cartridge Brite Labs

Sonoma Cake - Liquid Resin 1g - Brite Labs

Genetics: Wedding Cake x Wedding Cake
Experience the refined luxury of CEAS Collective's Sonoma Cake by Brite Labs. Offering a unique blend of mid-octane fuel and an orange zest and sage nose, this California grown, premium product gives you an initial burst of energy, creativity, and focus, followed by a crisp, palate-cleansing finish. It's Sativa genes will have you feeling focused and productive, while its Indica-dominance will take over in larger doses for a deeply relaxing, yet invigorating, experience - Only at CEAS Collective!
Whether you need a mid-day pick-me-up or to settle in for the evening, Sonoma Cake has you covered. Enjoy a combination of uplifting energy and restorative relaxation with every helping. Unwind without sacrificing your productivity. Experience the perfect balance of focus and relaxation with Sonoma Cake.

Sonoma Cake | CEAS Collective Delivery in San Mateo County

Get your hands on the famous Sonoma Cake from CEAS Collective and have it delivered in San Mateo County. This mid-octane fuel Indica-Dominant Hybrid will give you an initial burst of energy, creativity, and Focus before its Indica dominance takes over leaving you relaxed, hungry, and in large doses fast asleep. Place your order today!