Spritzer 7g - CEAS

Spritzer 7g - CEAS

Total Cannabinoids: 30.31% THC: 28.93%  (Hybrid, Sativa) 

7g  (1/4 Oz)
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Runtz x Grape Pie x MAC

Step into a world of refreshing delight with Spritzer, an exceptional strain among CEAS' collection of exceptional cannabis strains!  . This carefully cultivated hybrid offers a truly unique and invigorating experience that is sure to captivate even the most discerning cannabis enthusiasts. Spritzer emits a refreshing citrusy aroma that combines the zesty notes of lemons and oranges, with a subtle hint of earthiness lingering in the background. This well-balanced hybrid offers a cerebral high that uplifts the mind and sparks creativity. With a moderate THC content, this strain delivers a gentle and manageable high that can be enjoyed by novice and experienced users alike. 


Spritzer is available at your favorite top-notch dispensary, prepared to elevate your day. Embrace the refreshing allure of Spritzer and let CEAS Collective transport you to a world of elevated experiences.

Tastes Like: Orange, Lemon, Earthy

Feels like: Uplifted, Euphoric, Happy

Indulge in the refreshing allure of Spritzer by CEAS Collective and elevate your cannabis experience with its captivating flavors, invigorating effects, and commitment to exceptional quality.

Spritzer Strain - A Unique Sativa Experience | CEAS

Discover the unique sativa experience of the Spritzer strain. Enjoy a potent high and an unforgettable aroma & taste with hints of citrus, fruit and sweetness.