Stiiizy - 40S Mini Blunt Gelato 2.5G (5Pk)

STIIIZY - 40's Mini Blunt - Gelato 2.5g (5pk)


Elevate your preroll game with STIIIZY 40's multi-pack blunts. STIIIZY 40's start with .5 grams of our premium cannabis flower. Then we infuse that flower with our finest live resin and pack all that fire in a kief dusted cone. We call them 40's because these infused blunts are potent, testing at over 40% total cannabinoid content. But STIIIZY 40's are about so much more than just potency. Smooth, flavorful, and slow burning, STIIIZY 40's also set a new standard for quality in infused prerolls.

STIIIZY 40's Mini Blunts Gelato Strain - Prerolls with Premium Cannabis Flower | CEAS Collective

Get the best deal on STIIIZY's 40's Mini Blunts Gelato strain with CEAS Collective. These prerolls feature premium cannabis flower, live resin, and kief-dusted cones for an unbeatable experience. Enjoy smooth, flavorful smoke that tests at over 40% total cannabinoid content! Plus get tax included

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