Stiiizy Cbn-2:1 - Midnight Berry

STIIIZY CBN-2:1 - Midnight Berry


Looking for a good night’s sleep? Now introducing STIIIZY CBN gummies! These delectable edibles harness the relaxing powers of cannabinol (CBN) packed in a delicious and mouth watering gummy to deliver a long lasting and peaceful high, helping you unwind and relax into bliss. Now offering a THC to CBN combination, STIIIZY CBN gummies are formulated and notably recognized to help combat restlessness and relieve inflammation, nausea, and stress.

TASTE: Mixed Berries, Sweet, Tart

FEELING: Relaxed, Euphoric, Sleepy

DESCRIPTION: Midnight Berry delivers the bold and juicy flavors of blackberries and blueberries blended perfectly for a savory experience. Midnight Berry offers a calming and euphoric high for those looking to enhance their night time experience.


STIIIZY CBN-2:1 Midnight Berry Gummies - Relaxing & Euphoric High | CEAS

Introducing STIIIZY's newest CBN gummies! Get a long lasting and peaceful high with the delicious mixed berry flavor of Midnight Berry. Combat restlessness, relieve inflammation, nausea, and stress with this THC to CBN combination for an enhanced night time experience.