Stiiizy Rosin - Galactic Glue 1G Live Jam

STIIIZY Rosin - Galactic Glue - 1g Live Rosin Jam


To make our artisanal Live Rosin Jam, STIIIZY selects only the frostiest trichome covered tops and flash freezes them at the apex of potency and flavor. Unlike Live Resin which is a solvent based extract, Live Rosin is extracted without solvents. Then STIIIZY cures the extract to create the ideal consistency. Nothing can take you closer to the full spectrum experience and terpene rich flavor of your favorite strain than STIIIZY's Live Rosin Jam.

STIIIZY Live Rosin Jam | Galactic Glue - CEAS Collective

Get the full spectrum experience of your favorite strain with CEAS Collective's Galactic Glue. Our artisanal STIIIZY Live Rosin Jam is extracted without solvents and cured for an ideal consistency. Shop now to find delivery near you!

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