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Super Dog 14G - Connected

Super Dog 14g - Connected


Genetics: Chem D Cut

Experience Super Dog 14g - Connected, a remarkable Chem “D" strain cultivated by Connected from legendary 2000-born seeds. Enthuse your senses with frosty, lime-green nugs and pungent aromas of fresh grass, menthol, and unique putrid undertones. When consumed, you'll be invigorated with a heightened mental state and a palpable physical relaxation perfect for managing pain throughout the day. Get yours today at CEAS and experience the power of Super Dog!


Super Dog 14g - Connected | CEAS

This special Chem “D” cut comes from one of the seeds that was popped in 2000. It’s a sativa-leaning variety that has what has been referred to as a “garlic” skunky nose, sometimes likened to “halitosis “ or bad breath. It sounds awful, but it is very complex and has a sweetness that makes it very appealing.